Brief for Québec's Sustainable Mobility Policy

The Montreal Bike Coalition is participating in the discussion process surrounding the development of Québec’s Sustainable Mobility Policy by submitting a brief (in French only, available for download by clicking image or title and then clicking on download link at bottow of page).

In addition to the known benefits regarding costs, health and the environment, the Coalition is proposing both proven solutions and innovative ideas for the Government to implement a no compromise sustainable mobility policy.

The memorandum concludes with the following:

The Government of Quebec must not make the mistake of betting ONLY on the electrification of transportation.

It does not matter whether the vehicles run on electricity, natural gas, hydrogen or even solar energy; if road improvements and tax regulations do not encourage active and collective transportation, there will always be people alone in their cars, which creates congestion on our roads and which, by the same token, harms the free movement of goods and public transport.

In the long run, a sedentary lifestyle with all its associated illnesses remains the most significant negative impact of everyday driving. As a result, a policy that does not encourage active transportation has human and financial consequences. With a view to promoting public health, active transport should be developed and encouraged.


  • Mémoire CVMBC: Politique de mobilité durable du QuébecDownload (PDF, 578 kB)