Sustainable Mobility Runs on Cycling

Movin’On, the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility June 4-6 in Montreal, is presented by the Movin’On Sustainable Mobility Fund with C2 as organizing partner. Its mission is to go from ambition to action.

The Movin’On Summit benefits from an ecosystem of more than 5,000 leaders from the academic, political, municipal and business worlds and aims to find and put in place concrete solutions to meet the major challenges of mobility.

The Montreal Bike Coalition is proud to partner with this activity to offer you a preferential rate, representing a potential savings of $800.

What to expect:

Mobility experience
In five thematic areas, project yourself into a technological world and discover what tomorrow’s mobility will be like.

Work sessions
In the form of group discussions (think tanks) or presentations led by a renowned expert, the working sessions invite you to take part in a collaborative activity derived from your area of ​​expertise.

In atypical environments dedicated to experimental ideation, you will come out of your comfort zone to enjoy activities that are both fun and meaningful.

Conferences and panels
Get inspired to find concrete solutions for sustainable and connected mobility.

Designed by the company e180, these targeted meetings propose to match participants and world leaders according to their common interests.

And much more!

Take advantage of the discounted rate of $695 (Regular rate: $1,495)

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