Ongoing projects, events to come


The Montreal Bike Coalition is involved in numerous endeavours.

Presently some of the files we are working on:

  • Snow clearing on the Lachine canal bike path.
  • A year-round cycling link between the south-shore and Montreal
  • Securing for cyclists the construction site around the Turcot project and the BANQ
  • Sitting on the City of Montreal’s Committee to promote the practice of cycling
  • Sitting on the Jacques Cartier Bridge Cycle Network Advisory Committee


  • Montreal Bicycle Show (February, 2017) - exhibit opportunities for affiliate organisations
  • Winter Cycling Congress (February 2017)
  • Public consultation on road safety (27-28 February and 1 March in Montréal): presentation and submission of a brief
  • Transport and Public Works Commission on the cohabitation of vulnerable users and heavy vehicles (April 2017): presentation and submission of a brief
  • 6th Montreal Ride of Silence (May 2017)
  • If You Build It, They Will Come: Increasing Cycling, Decreasing Emissions, a national project under Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Program (September 2017)
  • Debate before elections (6 PM, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Centre St. Pierre, Mtl.)


  • Montreal Bike Show (February 2018)
  • 7th Montreal Ride of Silence (Wednesday, May 16,  2018)
  • EcoAction (work in progress)