Campaing launch, "One Door, One Life"


Vélo Saint-Zotique Group and Montréal Bike Coalition


On 2014-04-05 from 11:00 to 13:00


Aux abords de la caserne de pompier 47
2111 rue Saint-Zotique Est, Montréal

We are proud to launch on Saturday the “One Door, One Life” campaign which was started by the Vélo Saint-Zotique group and the Montréal Bike Coalition with the aim to raise awareness on dooring.

This event will consist of a flyer distribution activity to all road users. A beer and bike event is then going to take place according to the will of participants.

Considering the significant presence of authorities in support to this action, we hope to see a maximum of citizen cyclists as possible. The event will be followed by media.

Let’s be a large crown on Saturday, meanwhile, please share the event on your social networks as much as possible!

The event on Facebook

P.S.: Please note that it is forbidden to put flyers on cars during the event (municipal bylaw)!